Sprint Perks Military Verification FAQ

How does Sprint use my information?

You can read more about how Sprint uses and protects your information in our privacy policy.

What kind of proof does Sprint require?

We accept a wide variety of readily available and approved forms of documentation. We are looking for official documentation that clearly shows your first and last name, a date of birth, discharge/retire date, and a clear affiliation with the military. We strongly suggest any documentation sent to us have sensitive information blacked out before it is uploaded to our system. Uploading documentation to us is optional, but without something to verify your credentials, we will be unable to successfully complete your request.

What happens if I can't prove I'm in the military?

This rarely happens. All military service men and women are given some kind of official document that we'll accept, but on the occasion you cannot provide us any acceptable proof of validation, we will not be able to allow you to continue to the offer.

But to be clear, if you are currently in the military, have served previously in the military, you have a document we can verify.

How does Sprint verify my perks eligibility?

We use a service powered by SheerID to check and verify military credentials. SheerID is only permitted to use your information to verify your Sprint perks eligibility.

Why do I have to go through a verification process?

You are submitting a request to a program reserved specifically for the men and women in our United States Military. For quality control purposes, and to ensure only those people who fall under the required conditions are able to obtain this special offer, we have a very short qualification process we ask you to participate in.